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Hi Rei, Can you upload this movie again? Thank you!...


thz theary....


Hi, I believe only episode 1 and 2 were deleted....


hi, this movie is already deleted. Rie could you help up...


Why I can not watch this video...


  • genkers

    movie is a little too fast paste and the scripting seems weirdly off but it was still enjoyable lol

  • genkers 2

    i agree, this movie is a bit fast for real and out of like.. i dont understand why the lee knfe dude is in here and all about this revenge.. it dont really add up and get me confuse but it is enjoyable.

    • cash

      u need to read the books of this story can help u

    • C.T. Sean

      He’s all about revenge, because 20 years prior his father was brutally murdered.

    • Liku

      If you asking about sword sui li, and the dude Ye Kai, he is just a new disciple of master kabet sui li, and the lady in here is his real mom. Fu Hong Xue real mom was just a maid that both of their dad loved. So really their dad is a womanizer. He loved many women & many of them wanted revenge. So this series has a really good twist to the plot towards the end. It gets confusing but it will all become clear at the end when more hidden ppl reveal themselves.

      Ye Kai mom is using Fu Hong Xue to revenge for his dad which is also Ye Kai’s dad, someone secretly killed which is the most evil thing in this world?

      It is not confusing, they just added Ye kai as a new disciple from Kabet sui li but that’s not his dad he is just the new student who learned from him. If you know famous Kabet Sui Li series.

  • Kim

    it’s a great movie ever!

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