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Written by Ash, September 5, 2012

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  • ពិសិដ្ឋ


  • ពិសិដ្ឋ

    why you not upload story:my love to tell you

  • Bbybuzz

    Can you upload ten miles of peach blossom and the kings women.. please n thank you

  • Vantha

    Please upload Ten Miles of peach blossom again.

  • Menghout

    បងមានរឿង ហុងកុង ឃាតកម្មឣាថ៌កំបាំងឣត់

  • tang


    do you have upload justice bao the first year?

  • Skywalker

    Hi are you able to provide a listing of PNN dubbed series?

  • ahbee

    i don’t have a listing yet sky, maybe soon

  • Paula Plenh

    I’ve try to register but it never ask to put pw when u register. So when u login in it only has username / email . And when u login it ask username/ email n pw … so basically I can’t login .. cuz it never register my pw .. how can I fix that?

    • Ash

      Hello Paula,

      Usually the final step, including the password setup, is sent to your email address. Have you checked the spam section of your inbox? If you can’t find it, I can manually send you a new link. 🙂

  • Tevy

    Do you have cross over drama ? Or any show by actor dunglun ?

  • Roeun

    Can you upload dragon love plz

  • Ash

    Hi Sak,

    Our system runs an algorithm IP banning on a daily basis, and yours happened to be in the pool. It should be all set, but let me know if you are still having the same problem.

  • Jen

    Do you guy have “ A pillow case of mystery I’ ? Looking forward to watch that drama again. Thanks!

  • ahbee

    i used to have it Jen not sure if i still do but i’ll keep an eye

  • Jen

    That is great if you could find and post it. I’m looking forward to watch.
    Thanks ahbee!

  • monh sok

    can you please upload the wild bunch?

  • SiXx

    Hi! I was wondering do you have the series ICE FANTASY?

  • Seam Ting

    Do you have the grand canal

  • Sam

    Can someone upload Wu-Tang (Tai-Chi Master).

  • Lyna

    Hello. Can you upload a thai lakorn call jung pov klangkai plz?

  • ahbee

    hey alex, you get better response posing comment here instead of emailing

  • Hamster

    To Vantha, if you want to watch Peach Blossom and if Rei is unable to re-upload it, you can watch on YouTube. All episodes are available Khmer and in HD.

  • David

    Anyone have unnatural born killer? I remember seeing it here once a long time ago.

  • Sophann

    Hi will you guys load the heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2000 please thank u

  • Kim

    Does anyone have The Legend of Wong Tai Sin ? Please upload if you have it. Thanks in advance.

  • Veronica

    Can someone tell me how to download these videos? Please and thank you 🙂

  • Riley

    What happened to the Return of luk siu fung??

  • kahwyn1

    Someone please upload virtue of harmony. It was in Khmerforms till the website went down T_T

  • Chantu

    Can you please upload The blue whisper? Omg cant wait!

  • Jonathon Kim

    Does anyone notice that the audio doesn’t sync with Bluetooth?

  • Dee

    What happen to crimson Sabre was it remove?

  • Nary-chan

    Does anyone have The snow is red and Heroic Legend of the Yang’s Family ? Please upload if you have it. Thanks a lot…o^^o

  • kahwyn1


    Can you grant me admin access? I would like to share a few tvb series that I remastered.


  • Ash

    Hi Kahwn, access granted! Please ask around if you need help with anything.

  • ahbee

    kahwn you can add new videos by going top menu new -> album. just make sure to add image for the video and url (i recommend using links from for ur videos) and publish it. and in the video page, under the video player, u can add new episodes under ‘add video’. i guess just play around with setting/options 😀

  • ahbee

    no problem just lemme know if u need anything else

  • kahwyn1

    Hello all,

    Question…. Would it be possible to reopen as it has a lot of series that we can remastered?


  • Crawford

    Hi, is it possible to reupload and/or remastered Yuthisul Sun Wukong, Yuthisul Sun Wukong II, and The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain (1990)? I grew up watching it and really miss it. Thank You.

  • kahwyn1

    @Ash – Do you have an update re: Khmer Forums?

  • Ash

    @kahwyn, the current time frame for Khmer Forums is around early April due to the load on my current projects. It’s possible that I might have to reset the forums when it’s back on. Another solution is to use a subreddit, temporary or indefinite. I can get one setup in a few days but a few volunteer mods will be needed.

  • Innocent Leah

    Hello all!!
    I’ve been dying and searching for “Heaven’s Retribution” and “Secret of the Heart” forever. If anyone have it please please please upload and share. Thank you in advance. 😘😘

  • kahwyn

    Hello all,

    Does anyone have the condors hero 83 in 1080p?

  • Loren

    Would it be possible to upload “the Mark of Triumph” when you get a chance….thank you

  • kahwyn

    @Ash – any update re: Khmer Forums?

    • tommy05

      kahwyn .. what up with the Khmer forums .. is it
      Something special?

    • Ash

      @Kahwyn, after new year. I’m looking at the third and fourth week most likely. Most members had used Google Drive to store their videos iirc. I don’t have any expectations that those Drive links from the forums are still good though.

  • tommy05

    Kahwyn .. I just
    Found the audio for
    Taming the princess lol I will remaster
    It for sure

    • kahhwyn

      @tommy05 right on for finding the khmer audio! khmer forums was a website that all users posted video thread. there were a lot in there that i wanted remaster.

  • Daramao562

    @Tommy, thank you Tommy for finding the audio for “Taming of the Princess” I can’t wait for the remaster.

  • Daramao562

    @Kahwyn, hi Kahwyn, Tommy want to know if it’s ok for him to remaster Taming of the Princess?

  • kahwyn

    @Ash – Any luck on the Khmer Forums project?

  • Ash

    @Kahwyn, I’m going to renew the forum license this Wednesday, and expecting the forums to reopen this coming weekend.

  • kahwyn

    @Ash – yah! I know that I’ve MIA for awhile; though, I will upload a few series soon

    • Ash

      @kahwyn, glad to see you’re still around! I’ve just activated the forums. Because the database is almost a decade old, and not properly optimized, it is filled with orphan and junk data. I am looking to wipe and restart the forums clean within two weeks, or when you’re done browsing.

  • kahwyn

    @Ash – Thanks for bringing back Khmer Forums. Though, I noticed that a lot of forums were missing T_T. Also, I cannot access my account! I tried to reset my password… but, it did not work.

  • kahwyn

    @Ash – Got it! I wonder if Hunnie is still around? She posted a lot of series back then! It would be nice to access it as the link is down T_T

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