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Hi Rei, Can you upload this movie again? Thank you!...


thz theary....


Hi, I believe only episode 1 and 2 were deleted....


hi, this movie is already deleted. Rie could you help up...


Why I can not watch this video...


  • mrredblueberry1

    Hey Rei, thanks so much for uploading the rest of this movie. It will keep me busy over this long week-end. Happy Thanksgiving even though it is not Khmer holiday. Thank you for everything, you are the best

  • lilly94127

    thanks for the great movies rei. Happy gobble gobble day.

  • imperial

    Good action series and nice story like to peak to the ending

    Thanks Rei, all of your good movies series share w/ all of us and Mery Christmas to khmeravenue forum people.

  • Sam

    What a disappointing ending! 🙁

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