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It is referred to as the Stone Age, Caveman or Hunter-Ga...


Thanks a bunch for the kind words linny, and everyone el...


omg, I had to sign up just to comment this.. Rei, you al...


Hi Bong. The voice actually sounds great now! Thanks aga...


Hi Bong Rei. If u can please upload the the SPP Version,...


  • bopha sok

    hi rei thanks 4good movie,but i think this movie not end yet.when u posting next part?

  • kasper

    thx Rei please more i cant wait -.-

  • Rei

    I just fixed the title. Indeed, this is not the ending episode. I have checked my source, and Two Doves did not fully release the complete episodes. At this point, I do not have any new episodes. I will update everyone when I get new episodes, hopefully soon.

  • K

    I don’t understand why Two Doves didn’t release the full episodes of this drama. I have to watch it non khmer dub on youtube for the complete episodes. How can they run such shady business like this? I usually watch drama online, but when I saw this drama at a khmer store, I decided to purchase it to show my support to Two Doves. Two Doves have disappointed me completely. I would rather watch drama online with english subtitle rather than supporting such trashy company. Even though I didn’t find any english subtitle in this drama, but be able to finished the entire episodes feels great.
    For those who are willing to finish the entire series and are okay with non-dubbed or no english subtitle, you can find this drama here.

  • Rei

    Two Doves usually releases full episodes at once. I am sure they are working on getting the other half out. I wouldn’t call them trashy just because they didn’t fully release the complete series at once. SPP has been doing the same (and slower) in the last half decade or so, until recently.

  • komkom

    i hop they release the complete episodes soon.

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