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It is referred to as the Stone Age, Caveman or Hunter-Ga...


Thanks a bunch for the kind words linny, and everyone el...


omg, I had to sign up just to comment this.. Rei, you al...


Hi Bong. The voice actually sounds great now! Thanks aga...


Hi Bong Rei. If u can please upload the the SPP Version,...


  • Rei

    Unfortunately I don’t have a working episode for this version.

  • Leeza

    Rei. Can you please fix the episode 16 of Bride with white hair.

  • Rei

    Hey folks, I don’t have episode 16. I won’t say it again and if anyone has episode 16, please link me up. Thanks.

  • Jol Juol

    I got ep16 from 2 Dove upload, supposed to be ep18 and ep19, who wants it?

  • Rei

    Jol Juol, thanks so much for trying to help out and everyone else too. Dlove, thanks for the link as well – I’m using that to replace this video for now.

  • Rei

    Fixed with Jol Juol’s version. Thanks.

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