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khmer morn

please help, i could not view was fine yeste...

khmer morn

pls help, I can not view this movie. it was fine last we...


The links are fixed now vesna, thanks for letting me kno...


It's not really an error Phada. Youtube has been removin...


there's an error on this video, can you please fix it...


  • hello

    can you please fix episode (41). Fast forward to 14 mins its the same as episode (40)

    • Rei

      I did a quick check and they are not the same; the ending of episode 40 continues to the beginning of episode 41. I haven’t gotten up this far in the series yet and don’t want to spoil the story for myself. Can someone else confirm this? Thanks

  • lostboy

    Yes Rei I think so, episodes 40 and 41 are the same.



    episode 41, à partir de 13ème minute40 ça revient à l’épisode précédant.

  • Rei

    Thanks for the confirmation guys. I will check it out when I get home — whether it’s an issue with my encoding or the original DVD.

  • Rei

    This is an issue with my DVD. It’s just a duplicate and you guys aren’t missing anything as the first 14 minutes of episode 41 will continue onto the last half of episode 42 (yes the first half of this episode is a duplicate also). I will upload more on Weds.

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