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Oh myyyy, I have been looking for this series for awhile...


Enjoyment is from what's you like. rest ensured this is ...


Thank you, chenna. Yes...


@mrred, r u still haveing deh same issue?if so, i can tr...


Hi chenna. I just don't know why I couldn't open with t...


  • mrredblueberry1

    Hi chenna, could you please make your movie available in apple devices? Somehow I couldn’t watch starting episode 9 on my ipod touch. Thank you so much

    • chenna

      hi mrred, all my vids r formatted deh same way that’s y i don’t understand how u can watch certain episode nd not the is thid the only movies u can’t view, or is it deh rest too? let me know, Mayb i can try to find a solution 4 it

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