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Written by Rei, August 17, 2012

Here are the steps to embedding FTP links in Khmer Avenue:


1. First of all, you need a FTP software, so download FileZilla, which is free:  Download FileZilla.

2. After installing, open up FileZilla and input your login information just like the screenshot below:


Sample here -> Host: minishare.net   Username: rei@minishare.net  Password:********


3. You can start uploading, but lets create a video folder first. Right-click on the window space highlighted in red (screenshow below) and create a folder/directory. No-space and lower-case are highly recommended for naming your folder. You can rename the folder anytime.


4. Now drag your video files (flv or mp4) into the newly created folder. You can open the folder first and drag the files in after. Again, your file-names should be no-space and lower-case.


If you open the folder, you should see your video files there:

5. You will not get a video link, but it will always look something like this sample:


6. Finally copy the link and paste it to your Khmer Avenue input file.


*If you want to use this link for Khmer Access, paste the link to here to get the embed code.

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