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Written by Ash, September 5, 2012

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  • ពិសិដ្ឋ


  • ពិសិដ្ឋ

    why you not upload story:my love to tell you

  • Bbybuzz

    Can you upload ten miles of peach blossom and the kings women.. please n thank you

  • Vantha

    Please upload Ten Miles of peach blossom again.

  • Menghout

    បងមានរឿង ហុងកុង ឃាតកម្មឣាថ៌កំបាំងឣត់

  • tang


    do you have upload justice bao the first year?

  • Skywalker

    Hi are you able to provide a listing of PNN dubbed series?

  • ahbee

    i don’t have a listing yet sky, maybe soon

  • Paula Plenh

    I’ve try to register but it never ask to put pw when u register. So when u login in it only has username / email . And when u login it ask username/ email n pw … so basically I can’t login .. cuz it never register my pw .. how can I fix that?

    • Ash

      Hello Paula,

      Usually the final step, including the password setup, is sent to your email address. Have you checked the spam section of your inbox? If you can’t find it, I can manually send you a new link. 🙂

  • Tevy

    Do you have cross over drama ? Or any show by actor dunglun ?

  • Roeun

    Can you upload dragon love plz

  • Ash

    Hi Sak,

    Our system runs an algorithm IP banning on a daily basis, and yours happened to be in the pool. It should be all set, but let me know if you are still having the same problem.

  • Jen

    Do you guy have “ A pillow case of mystery I’ ? Looking forward to watch that drama again. Thanks!

  • ahbee

    i used to have it Jen not sure if i still do but i’ll keep an eye

  • Jen

    That is great if you could find and post it. I’m looking forward to watch.
    Thanks ahbee!

  • monh sok

    can you please upload the wild bunch?

  • SiXx

    Hi! I was wondering do you have the series ICE FANTASY?

  • Seam Ting

    Do you have the grand canal

  • Sam

    Can someone upload Wu-Tang (Tai-Chi Master).

  • Lyna

    Hello. Can you upload a thai lakorn call jung pov klangkai plz?

  • ahbee

    hey alex, you get better response posing comment here instead of emailing

  • Hamster

    To Vantha, if you want to watch Peach Blossom and if Rei is unable to re-upload it, you can watch on YouTube. All episodes are available Khmer and in HD.

  • David

    Anyone have unnatural born killer? I remember seeing it here once a long time ago.

  • Sophann

    Hi will you guys load the heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2000 please thank u

  • Kim

    Does anyone have The Legend of Wong Tai Sin ? Please upload if you have it. Thanks in advance.

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