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Written by Rei, January 16, 2013


  • Rei

    Hey guys, I’m in the process of fixing Emperor’s Harem and Paladins in Troubled Times. Was asked to re-add Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei too.

  • groupon

    I will be helping Rei w/most of his movies. Since no other new releases lol

  • Ash

    Over 1,500 links have been removed. Here are the list:

    Princess Pearl 2011
    Holy Pearl
    Jade Palace
    Meteor Butterfly Sword
    Dali Princess
    Emperor’s Harem
    The Legend of Crazy Monk
    Princess Pearl 2
    Bao Tian 2010
    Bao Tian 2012
    Wu Mei Niang
    Twin Dragon
    Where The Legend Begins
    Rose Martial World
    Beyond the Realm of Conscience
    When Easterly Showers Falls on the Sunny West
    Ultimate Crime Fighter
    The Four
    Forbidden Love
    Safe Guard
    Strike at the Heart
    Lost in the Chamber of Love
    King of Gambler
    Perish in the Name of Love
    War and Beauty
    Legendary 4 Aces
    Thunder Angels
    Grace Under Fire
    Relic of Emissary
    Justice Sung Sir Jear 2
    The Price of Greed
    In the Realm of Fancy
    Winter Melon Tale
    Rosy Business 2
    The Brink of Law
    Who’s the Hero

    Please update your post Rei, thank you!

  • AoD


    i just wanna let u know that Divination Cases (Youtube Host???) are down.

  • Black Mist

    hey guyz i notice lots of my vids removed pls post what u find here so i re upload. thx!

  • Tara

    Hey looks like the links for Golden Warrior and Princess aren’t working.
    Just wanted to let you know.
    Hopefully someone still has the videos somewhere? >~<

  • roth

    Black Mist, can u fix Heaven Burns pls? thx

  • Ramydaboramy

    Hi guy, can you fix movie “Labaenh snae Labaenh Chet”? It is broken now.

  • chenna

    ramy all set now to watch

  • savornsean

    Chenna can you please fix “knock knock loving you” Thanks.

  • Ramy

    Thx so muh Chenna. Can you upload LAN Ling Wang when it release?

  • chenna

    @ Ramy, yes either me or theary will upload tthem onced it’s release 🙂

  • Ramy

    Hey Chenna, I used to see “The Four” drama before, but now i can’t find it anymore. Is someone remove it from the website? I refer to The Four that have long episode, and film by Raymond Lam and the other three not the short one.

  • chenna

    i Ramy I did had the four. i must of removed it when my links were broken. i’ll try to look for it back n post it up for u soon

  • Ramy

    Hi Rei, can you fixed you series “Mei Ren” ? It is broken now.

  • the

    hjj.i do like all movie u post u have this movie u have plz up for our fan of khmeravenue

  • thea

    hi can you fix perish in the name of love please and thank you <3

  • torres

    Hi All Uploaders! Please reupload “Rosy Business 2″….great appreciation in advanced 🙂

  • tracy visita

    Hi Rei. Do you still have the movie called Xing Ming Shi Ye ? It was posted only for a short period of time and now I cannot see it anymore.

  • nimul chea

    oh no …what happen ? I love all your videos…all your hard is gone to the drain 🙁 . did you ever find out if it all got deleted or just broken link? i hope they all back on

  • Pisey

    Hi can u re-upload Rosy businese 2 pleaseee?? Thanks you!!

  • Koma Tep

    Please upload the movie Ma Yong Zhen (old) star: Kenny Ho

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