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Hey what happen how she died I’m lost .. can some one ...


i hope its still good overall :D...


Ash, this movie is one of my favorites to watch until th...


You welcome Dada! Sometimes this happens when a device d...


Ohh never mind! Now I am seeing all the episodes ! So we...


  • It’s.lyna

    Episode 19 is wrong 😭

  • It’s.lyna

    I think episode 19 is wrong again, lol, it’s a repeat of one of the other episodes lol

    • ahbee

      i don’t watch this series but its the correct label from the dubbing studio. the last minute of ep 18 matches the first minute of ep 19. and ep 20 continues where ep 19 left off.

  • It’s.lyna

    Ahhh I’m getting it all mixed up, watching to many movies at one time, sorry for the mix up lol

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