• Hello Groupon, on the top dashboard click on ‘my account’ -> ‘profile’ and ‘change avatar.’ You might not see it earlier because I forgot to enable it.

  1. Hello Admin-I’m new here. I would like to know how do i upload movies to this site? When I click on add video it said “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” Pleas help. I just done encode some TVB and would like to pose here. Thanks in advance

    • Hello Sreykhmer365, I’ve just upgraded your membership and you should now be able to share videos. Videos can only be embedded from external websites like Youtube, Dailymotion and such. There are some onscreen basic information to guide you through the embedding process but feel free to ask questions if you’re stuck. You can also ask other friendly uploaders for help too.

  2. Admin, you add “How to upload vdo”… This is just a quick a dirty guide.

  3. Can you also add “Edit”.. I can’t edit after a post. Just notice an error in my sentence. I might to say please add guide on how to upload video.

    • Hello Groupon, I’ve tried to enable the option to allow users to edit and delete their own comments but there was a problem. By enabling this option, it will allow users to also edit/delete other users’ comments, which isn’t what we want. I hope to find a solution soon.

    • Hello Groupon, I’ve added a guide section to the top menu. Feel free to add more guides by creating a blog(basic HTML enabled) under the guide section.

  4. Uploaded “Reincarnated Princess” but the video did not show in “Chinese Video”. Also, there’s a few of other uploader’s vdo that didn’t show in “Chinese Video”. thx

    • Hello Groupon, the Chinese section was displaying the old cache page and wasn’t updating like it should. It is fixed now. Thank you for looking out!

  5. hi when i click to play it say the requested video could not be found, or has been marked as private and a lot of other movie are the same

    • Hello Peary, all videos on Khmer Avenue are embedded from third party websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, and many others. Sometimes video servers slow down and you will experience longer load time. Other times, videos get removed for copyright infringement and videos won’t work at all. Best way is to contact the uploader for the videos you are having trouble viewing.

    • Hello Main,

      Have you received the activation email? If not, try to check your spam section. If you still cannot find it, please let me know your registered username so I can manually activate it. Thanks!

    • Hello Groupon,

      Those pages are empty because there are no videos in them. It’s bad coding on my side because the website does not create pages automatically; I have to do them manually. I created the extra two pages just in case if I’m away. I will change this later, hopefully.

    • Hello Groupon,

      There’s no available option for uploaders to feature their main cover poster yet. However, uploaders can PM me the link of their feature images(Rei and Mist have been doing that). The width size has to be at least 600 pixels.

  6. Hello Khmeravenue Team,
    You’re always generous with tips and advices. Please help, is there a possible way for me to download some khmer songs to Itunes? Thanks

  7. Hello Angie,

    You might’ve already figured it out (from what I’ve seen) but the only way to group parts and episodes together is by using the same tag (unique spelling without spaces) for your album. Let me know if you run into more troubles.

    Angie and everyone else: Happy New Year!

  8. Admin, can the episode exceed 101? Also, when clicking on “Tag”, only the last few episodes show. There’s no Next or Previous.

  9. I initially coded the episode box with a limit of 100 parts. I didn’t think we would need more than that. How wrong I was. I’ve just modified it to accept up to 500 parts. =) For the tag page, I’ll look into fixing that. Thank you for letting me know Groupon!

  10. Hello Ash, I am very new here on this site. I just can’t or don’t know how to upload a video.
    Once i click on video add it said, “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”. Please help me, I have a couple of movie that I like to add on it. Thank Ash

    • Hello Mao, I’ve just enabled you embedding access. Feel free to ask around if you need help getting your videos up. =)


  11. Hello Ash, I do have some couple of question that I like to ask you. I have a couple of DVD disc that I want to upload my video. There any way that I can upload my video by using my DVD disc?

  12. Hey Mao there are a few steps to take before getting the videos up. It’s easy for us old timers but could be challenging for new uploaders. The steps are:

    1. Rip your DVD into ISO format.
    2. Convert into MP4 or FLV.
    3. Upload to Youtube.
    4. Finally embed on Khmer Avenue.

  13. To be more practical, I can go ahead and start removing videos that have been dead for a period of time. But it will require people to report the links to the broken video post because I have no way of tracing dead links. What I do know is that all of Lilly’s videos are broken. I can start removing her videos first. Thank you for the suggestion on cleaning up. =-)

  14. Admin getting more advance and a professional look in KA site, adding a trailer.. Awesome!!!!!!!! So far this site is great esp admin always get involve and always support users request. Great job to all the KA’s teams.

  15. New Activation Issues:

    For new members that did not get their activation email in the past few months do to some bugs, I’ve manually activated your accounts.

  16. Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 Issues:

    For viewers with this set up, you might realize that Vimeo videos might not load. I believe Vimeo is working on a fix for this.

  17. i got windows 8 and i use google crome and it work great on Vimeo… Everybody E-Explorer 10 or any window explorer is a slow web browser to use and you have to upgrade it every mouth… i won’t use it….

  18. Admin. ignore your PM.. got it to work.. Not sure y when i click preview, it didn’t work. Until i click publish, then it works

  19. Dear members,

    Khmer Avenue is under “live” maintenance right now. Videos will be missing so please use the search box to look for videos. Maintenance should be over if a few hours.

  20. Hi, I just want to know why I can not watch a lot of movies that you guy upload before, I mean I can only see the movies that upload recently, but not the previous one.
    Thank you

  21. Hi Black Mist, I also can not watch “Can’t buy me love” and I also want to watch ” Beyond the realm of conscience”. There are alot of Broken movie, and I hope you can fix it soon. Thank you

  22. Thon Chea, using theary name doesn’t hide who u r… durrr same email time dont be so childish cuz i dont like games…treat ppl the way u want to be treated

    • Hi Ash,
      I just posted a message in your guide section because I don’t know where you post my question regarding your website. Somehow I cannot access to Khmer Avenue website both on my desktop computer and mobile device. Is there something wrong with your website? Could you please email me if possible to let me know when your website will be back on. Or how do I do to see khmer avenue website again? My email is Thanks so much

      • Hello Mr. RedBlueBerry,

        There was a bug this morning so the website was down. Khmer Avenue is back to active now. I assume you are able to access the website now since You’re able to post a comment.

  23. Hello everyone,

    If you can see this message, that means you are on the new server. Please read your email for more details. Thank you!

  24. trying to watch videos this is all i get “Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /home/khmerave/public_html/wp-includes/post.php on line 1097” <~~~~~~ what does that mean?
    someone help


  25. Hello everyone, the forums will be up in a few days. My hosting provider was running into issues; supposedly they were in debts and were escaping payments from the data center (DC) and the equipment leasing company. Fortunately, my server was one of the three hundreds servers they left behind in their building. The leasing company was able to obtain the server and are working to get my data back and running.

      • Yes they took the rest. They were locked out by the DC before they can take the remaining 300 servers. I have been with them for over 4 years and it is sad to see them end like this. The 27 years-old owner can say good bye to his Porsche soon.

        There are currently over 50 pages worth of drama going on right now if you’re interested in reading.

  26. i will give free phych evaluation for those who in needs for one here. obviously, alot of rude and angry ppl here lately with uploaders lolz

    • They sent out my server information email two days ago but it went to my spam box. I just realized today and now I am running into login credential issues. It is getting there. I will give virtual hugs to all as a WB package. 🙂

      • It could be up to a day as I have limited time. Another website on the same server crashed the database on the entire machine. If I cannot find a solution by the end of tonight, I will port the forums to Khmer Avenue server. 🙂

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