Legend of the Dragon II

Posted by: Rei

Series has 28E episodes
November 15, 2017

Last updated on March 10, 2018


  • isa

    Hi Rei, I have tried to give you bonus point but why you don’t have the Bonus point button ?

    • theary

      Dear Isa,

      please go to http://www.khmerforums.com/ where you can give Rei bonus point.
      once you at that site, you need to login in first to be able to giveRei a Bonus point.
      If you do not have account with KhmerForums , please sign up and it is free of charge.
      See you at KhmerForums……

      thank you so much for your support, Isa dear 😉

  • mr

    thank you REI so much for your hard work …

  • khon

    muah, muah, muah, been waiting forever for this to be out lovya rei

  • savannah ou

    Is this old or new series??


    Please update so that it can be watched on the PS3.

  • Rei

    Hey you welcome guys. 🙂

    Monkey King, it’s a vimeo video…I’d assume it should work with a PS3 too?

  • pocketkiriyama

    I have to admit. This story is very interesting.

  • davi5h

    Thank you for post this movie I really love this kind of movie I really appreciate your hard work thank you.
    Im curious about the ep 15 is really continue from ep14 and I wonder where the other guy from?

    • Rei

      Hey you welcome Davi.I watched this series about two years ago and have little memory of what happened but yeah, episode 15 is indeed a continuation of episode 14 although a new guy was “introduced” out of no where.

      The issue with this series is that there are only about two stories, which ends on episode 28.

  • Anna

    hi, Rei please respond to me. I want to know if you going to upload new release of Chinese series call “Love Amongst War ” and “Xing Ming ” thank you so much. I know you have bad experience with those idiot who complaining but for us who’s patient and appreciate you for your time please let me know.

    • Rei

      Hi Anna, I have both series since last week and I’ll be adding Xing Ming first. I’m thinking about adding it sometimes this weekend, or might wait another week to give some breathing room.

  • Doc

    Hey Rei, is there a serious b4 this one? Or this one is the first series of the two?


  • Lizzy

    Hi Rei,
    I could not see this movie. It says “the movie does not exist”?. Could you please fix it? I love watching this movie. I finished part 20 then the movie became unavailable.


  • Kov Chanrina

    Could u please check these movie? I could not see them.

  • NaryK112

    movie does not exist?!!

  • Rei

    I will have most of my recent videos back up in a few days.

  • Kov Chanrina

    I think this movie not yet end coz I used to see on the TV with different scene. Could u please upload other part? I really like this movie and want to know did he find his mother or not.

  • Pisey

    រឿងនិងមានដល់វគ្គ 4 ដែរទេ?

  • Emily

    Hi Rei, do you know the main actors name?

    • Rei

      Hey Emily, sorry I’m not familiar with the main actors. Back then when I added, there was little wiki information on this series — I even remember the 2nd part being listed as “The Bride Long Hang Demons”, or something similar but no luck with Google.

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