Fighter of Destiny

Posted by: ahbee

Series has 52E episodes
June 28, 2018

Last updated on May 9, 2019

Coming Soon: Your Highness

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its fixed :)...




you welcome. 36-52e are fixed for u at least :)...


Thank you 💖...


you welcome. i just fixed eps 36-38. episodes 39-52 will...


  • chvkm8te

    Is this any good? I just finished Unholy Alliance! Thanks B!!!!

    • ahbee

      hey sure welcome 😀 i haven’t seen this yet but it looks interesting, my next watch. i’ll try to remove future commercials

  • Isa

    Hi Ahbee, could you please add some more episodes ! Thank you 🙂


    Thank you so much! I watched the chinese vers
    This series is awesome and worth waiting ..thank you so much for your effort😍

  • Z

    This is a good one loved it so far. Cant wait for more episode.Thankx!!!! ahbee i appreciate every thing you uploaded. Especially chinese movies with powers.

  • Zenas

    Oh yes part 15. Thanks for the fast upload.

  • SnaSK

    a fist within four walls have this movie bro

  • Chhay

    Hi Ahbee & Team

    Are you able to assist me with Kodi addon for KhmerAvenue please?
    Since yesterday I can’t watch any movies, not sure the reason why.
    Please help.


  • ahbee

    thanks for helping out groupon. hope the problem gets resolved 😀

  • Chhay

    Thank heaps Groupon & Ahbee
    It’s working now 🙂


  • Charlie

    I can’t watch in full screen. Please help .thanks

    • ahbee

      it ran full screen fine on my side (tested on android, chrome, firefox, and ie). make sure you press the full screen (expand button ) on the player after the video starts playing. 🙂

  • KN

    Hi Ahbee, what’s happening with your 52E I can’t play?

  • simey hin

    Hello ahbee ,I can’t watch this video.can you help me?

  • Nina

    Hello ahbee! I want to finish watching this movie but after seeing only half way it stop playing. Can u help me?

  • Nina

    I’m on episode 36, thank you☺

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