Posted by: pkaJasmine

Series has 28 episodes
March 29, 2015

Last updated on March 9, 2018


  • Sarin sem

    Thank you for the drama ☺️

  • Elite

    Thanks for u upload good movies but I cannot watch part 37,38 n 39. Please help to check. Thanks

  • johnny

    thank you theary for the good drama.
    but i hate that kind of end 🙁

  • Chenda

    This movie is good but I don’t like the end

  • kuramakh

    This link should be the ending episode…

  • Chenda

    For me I do like ending 2 Su Man& Lu Li Cheng

  • Lance

    The actual ending she picked the 2nd guy not Alex.
    Khmer dubbed didn’t have the correct ending dubbed, they left it ending lame

  • torres

    please help to fix this drama

  • torres

    Excuse me…would you mind uploading this drama again?

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