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Posted by: ahbee

Viewing episode 02
June 4, 2018

Last updated on September 17, 2018

Coming Soon: Your Highness

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very nice Admin for this movie !!...


there isn't an official release date yet for the origina...


hey Ahbee do you know if Legend Of Chusen 3 is gonna com...


bro have espisode 1 or not...


part 15 and 18 fixed now :)...


  • leakhena

    pls add youtube link for ep 2 too thx 😀

  • Momo

    Why can’t I watch part 2 until part 18e? What’s wrong ? Can you upload or fix all again ?

  • Momo

    Are you fix it yet? Why I can’t still watch it 😟

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