1. Hi, does anyone have the Korean drama called “My Girlfriend Is An Agent” or “Coffee House” or Extravagant Challenge” (Skip beat). Can you upload it or know where I can watch it in khmer. Thank you…

    • Hi Chantu,
      Skip beat just finished airing. If Dub co decide to dub this series in Khmer, I believe it will take at least 6 months and it will be Sunday Voice( Srok Khmer Voice) though.

      On The coffee house, I am waiting in Khmer Voice as well. Hopefully they release in khmer voice soon though.

      If I have both series, I will be glad to share with you and everyone as well.

  2. lady warriors of yang family w/ carmen is that the 85 version or the 99 version? i got the 99 version but it call Legendary Fighter The New Yang’s Heroine w/ camen

  3. 1999 and 2001 is the same movie 1999 one is about guys and 2001 is about they women… it just part 1&2… the 1999 i have but i lost the first disc, so i upload the 2001

  4. Hello everyone anybody planning the upload the new thai lakorn with Rome and Sirita? I’m not sure what khmer title is but in thai its called “Buang” its a horror movie.. thanks

  5. sorry if this sounds rude but here is a list of series that i am dying to watch but can’t find them anywhere so if any of them is fulfilled is alright. thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

    dreams of colour 2004
    triumphs in the skies 2003
    justice sung 2 1999
    the duke of mount deer 1998
    lady flower fist 1997
    time before time 1997
    deadly secret 1989
    the grand canal 1987
    born to be king 1987
    the legend of the book and the sword 1987
    police cadet serials
    the legend of the ching lady 1985
    the battlefield 1985
    the legend of lady chung 1985
    the smiling proud wanderer 1984
    the emissary 1982

    • I would love to see The Young Wanderer!

      Some additional requests:
      The Rough Ride – Tony Leung, Barbara Yung
      Yanky Boy – Leon Lai, Kitty Lai
      United We Stand – Miu Kiu Wai, Barbara Yung
      Before Dawn – Alex Fong, Kitty Lai
      The Foundation – Miu Kiu Wai, Barbara Yung
      The War Heroes – Roger Kwok, Kitty Lai
      The Thief of Honour – Ekin Cheng, Noel Leung

      Thanks in advance.

  6. anyone happen to know when “queens of diamonds and hearts” with roger kwok and fala chen is gonna be dubbed. Looks like a real fun series.

  7. do you have this movie (heaven sword and dragon sabre 1994) i really want to watch this movie!!!!!!thanks!!!!!!!

    • there no khmer dubbed Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre 1994 sorry but khmer dubbed the 1984, 2000, 2003, and the 2009

  8. i ever see Heaven sword and the dragon sabre i984, 2003,2009!but 2000 and 1994 never.can you show me the 2000 one!!!thanks!!!!

  9. I have always been a big fan of Dicky Chueng and I tried to watch Obarach Kmang on youtube but the videos were deleted πŸ™ the English title is Smart Kid. If you have please upload it, It would be extremely appreciated!! Thank You!!

  10. i know i’m in a wrong place but no where post problem. KhmerAvenue is acting weird and slow. I just post a Chinese video but I don’t see it.

    • The website acting weird is a result from the slow server. I will be moving it to a faster server by the end of the month. The website is currently running on cache mode meaning you will have to be logged in to see the live version. You might experience lag when embedding. Visitors on the other hand are presented with the cache version(technically faster than live) of website and are updated every 1 hour.

  11. Hi, does anyone have or know if this Thai Lakorn is out yet dubbed in Khmer? The title in Thai is called “Leh Roy Rak” (hundred tricks of love) starring Cherry Khemupsorn and Great Warin? Thanks…

    • I watch “Leh Roy Rak” in thai, this lakorn is not finished yet, love it.
      Maybe there are some episodes dubb in khmer.

      • Yeah its out already, its on youtube. sorry I don’t have the link for it but if you put their names in search, it’ll pop up for you.

  12. I will be uploading Mystery of The Twin Swords I. If anyone have Mystery of The Twin Swords II, please share. Thx

  13. Does anyone have thai lakorn Cha et chet prous snaeh in khmer dubbed, Please upload it if u have this lakorn cause i really wanna watch it in khmer. I already watch it in thai and this lakorn is amazing!

  14. Sombody have “Vibat Doung Chet Neang Pin Anong”? Plz upload it! Many thanks if someone would be kind upload this lakorn in khmer dubbed!!!

  15. Hey! Does Anybody Have This Movie Beyond the Realm of Conscience In Khmer Dubbed, I Didnt Get A Chance To Watch It…

    Plz Upload (;

  16. Does anyone have the chinese series title “atireach sdach srey kokrork mer” it was uploaded by rattana 100 on youtube couple years ago but it was never finish.

  17. What’s a good way to rip dvd? I got some dvd to share, I like to rip to low size file but still keep good graphic. I also want to rip dvd to ISO file. Anyone can tell me how?

    • I use DVD Decrypter or Imgburn to rip my DVDs, and Handbrake to encode all my MP4 files. They’re all free and good software.

      • Thanks, Rei, my dvd has viet/khmer audio, I want to rip only khmer audio, any setting I can select for this in DVD Decrypter?

        • @ Jol Juol: You can use SmartRipper,
          It enable u to select audio and it’s ripping in VOB. Then you can use handbreak to encode. But for me, I like to encode with Aiseesoft MKV Converter portable. Quality? u can see how it’s like for all my upload. Let me know it you need the Aiseesoft MKV Converter portable, no installation needed.

          • I got SmartRipper 2.41, I don’t see any option to select the audio. So u guy rip dvd ISO and then convert .vob file to other file type for upload? Can you cut or trim iso .vob file and upload .vob?

          • i’ll let you know tonight. U cannot trim or doing anything in SmartRipper besides encoding to vob and selecting audio. However, once u have a vob, u can use Aiseesoft MKV Converter to trim, watermark, and set video quality.

  18. αžŸαžΌαž˜αžŠαžΆαž€αŸ‹αžšαžΏαž„ αžšαžΆαž‡αž”αž»αžαŸ’αžšαž†αŸ’αž›αž„αž—αž–αž•αž„ αž—αžΆαž–αž™αž“αŸ’αžαž€αžΌαžšαŸ‰αŸ

  19. you don’t need no program to rip your dvd…. Jest load you dvd into your hard drive and go to your hard drive file where the dvd located and click one the dvd file… Highlight all the file that the dvd give you in your hard drive, then just save it to your new folder….. Your PC will rip your dvd for you…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    Now for encode your video file, i use Free-Video-Converter ( ) this program have you high quality video with less PC Bits to uplad…. IT way better than Handbrake

    • Freemake would be great if it work for me, it converted my file successfully to various file types, but the file only play the first few minutes and then the video is stuck at some halfway point. Do you experience this with freemake, any way to get around this?

      • that happen to me is not Freemake software do it … Is your hard drive that read the disc . try clean your disc if you what to convert straight from the disc using Freemake……
        Or just copy the disc from your hard drive, then convert it to Freemake….

  20. Hey guys, I was snooping at the SPPCI website and saw some new series, I can’t wait for you guys to upload them, They all look really good!

  21. here are my requests:

    Old time buddy 1997
    Old time buddy – to catch a thief 1998
    Simply Ordinary 1998
    A loving spirit 1999
    Looking back in anger 1989

  22. 1.A Rough Side of A lady TVBI comedy
    2. Aiming High TVBI comedy
    3. Duke Of Mount Deer 2000 Thai Saing comedy

    i just buy 3 old TV Drama is on there way here…. So which one yah want to see first?

  23. 1.A Rough Side of A lady TVBI comedy
    2. Aiming High TVBI comedy
    3. Duke Of Mount Deer 2000 Thai Saing comedy
    i just buy 3 old TV Drama is on there way here…. So which one yah want to see first?

  24. Does anyone have the drama “Food Glorious Food” starring Ruby Lin. I know its dubbed in Khmer because I remembered seeing it when I was young.

  25. When video play in youtube, it play default at 360p, you have to select better quality when available to get better quality. When video uploaded to youtube and play here at khmerAvenue, what quality does it play at by default? Anyway to make it play at highest quality available by default, (for downloading).

  26. hi,
    why i can’t watch movie”Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000” pls upload more ep41 cause i like watch this movie on khmer avenue .

    • i’m sorry i have to deleted Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 because i lost the one disc off that movie…. I’m looking for the disc but i can’t find it nowhere…. So i reorder the movie…. When i got the movie i will re posted again

      • hi k’bross is so long time hey why you don’t up load movie The Heavenly Sword And Dragon Saber 2000 to us i want to watch continue ep40,thx

      • Hello K-Bross, Thank you very much for uploading this series ” The heaven sword & The dragon sabre 2000 ” This is the best series and wonderful version. But i can’t watch episode 41 to episode 53end.
        That video does not exist. Hope you re-upload again as possible as soon.
        Thank in advance πŸ™‚

  27. hi i was wondering if anybody have chinese series from the 90’s please upload love the old series but there’s barely any so please upload would really appreciate it thank you

  28. thank k-bross:>,but can you estimate to me when that you can re post again cause i wait to watch this movie continue :> hope is soon.

  29. Does anybody have Crimson Sabre 2000? I found it on KhmerFever but it’s no longer works…Please upload you guy have it.

    Thanks in advance!

  30. plz uploads lots of thai boran movies..dont know the name of the movie that ive seen but its 52parts, something about 3people from heaven born as 1person and their body changes when weather changes or something…if u know what movie talking about plz upload..thanx

  31. Hey chharath, I have that Thai boran. One girl n two brothers in one body right? Well n e way, I’ll put that up for u this week ok

  32. Once I’m done w/Crimson Sabre, I will upload zu mountain saga I & II, then Commandments. If other uploader, want to upload first, feel free. Since this weekend will be busy for me. Had to go to Temple for Bon Pajum Ben to wash all sin from uploading these movies heheheh

  33. There is a Thai lakorn that I want to see. I’m not sure of the title but I think it’s called S’aob Jompok Ler. It starred Oil and Kob.

  34. There’s Actually A Chinese Series From TVB I Really Wanna Watch Its Called “Colourful Life” Starrin Annie Man, If AnyBody Can Upload It, I Would Be One Happy Camper!!!

  35. ill be so much appreciative if sombody can upload the latest duke of mount deer.. i believe its 2011 or 10 im not sure but pls and thank u

  36. Hi guys, this is not a request per se, but if anyone does have it PLEASE share. I have been looking for this series for a long time. It’s called The Last Swordsman, Chinese title is ζœ€εŽδΈ€δΈͺ倧侠. It is Singoporen production. I watched it once when it first came out, now it’s so hard to find.

  37. any1 know where i can find sword heroes… most of them ( from steaming khmer video server or youtube… ) are not available…

  38. any1 know where i can find sword heroes… most of them ( from steaming khmer video server or youtube… ) are not available…

  39. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has the Chinese Series title called “Kou Preng Trap Ni Say (Knock Knock Loving You)?” OR “A Terracotta Warrior (unable to watch it on khmeravenue)” OR “Jade Palace” (unable to watch it here too). Thanks alot if anyone have time to reload it…

  40. hi chantu, i checked both movies (knock knock, terrracotta warrior) nd it seems like both r working fine for me..what is it sayen for you when u tried to play it

  41. does anyone have “wu dang 2004” or called “Yutisel Ou Tang 2004” in khmer starring carmen lee? it used to be on youtube but i can’t find it anyone, can somebody help?

  42. Hi everyone, Please put the Chinese movie “The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back 1992”
    I want to watch it again cus i saw it since i was young! Thank a lot for everyone!

  43. Hiii all, Just wondering if anyone can upload “love recipe” I was watching it in english sub, And I pay more attention to the subtitle then I am to the actors, Smh So if anyone can upload it in khmer It’ll be nice πŸ˜€ Thanks in advance!

  44. oh forgot to mention “Love recipe” is a tawainese series. If anyone can upload it, I’ll forever be grateful lol!!

  45. Does anyone have The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000? If you do, please upload it. That was my favorite version. I have it on video cassette but the tapes are no longer watchable. I’m still old school. Lol. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  46. can anyone upload the trilogy to the series the “legend of the general who never was,” “general father, genreral son,” which is called “Destined To Rebel 1986”?

  47. Hi, just wanted to see if anyone will upload these Chinese Dramas called
    1. The legend of chinese zodiac (Reisey Teing)
    2. All Men Are Brothers (Lohet Verakjun)
    3. Chrek Kompheng Neakreaj (Jade Palace)
    4. Neik Klahan Angkeir Sel (Strange Heroes)
    Thanks, would love to watch these some day. Do you know where I can watch it?

  48. Oh also does anyone have ” Secret of the Linked Cities” with Wu Yue? this was my most favorite drama when i was young πŸ˜€

  49. Hi, I would like to request an old Thai movie called Tharonakam Besdoung (Love Punishment). It’s the old version of Khing Kor Rah Kah Gor Raeng (Thai title). It’s pretty old but does anybody happen to have it on tapes? There’s a pretty slim chance since it’s so old but I’d appreciate it if you can upload it if you do. It’s a really good and funny movie. Better than the remake.

    Here’s the opening song:

    Also, it’d be nice if someone can upload the old version of Sromawl Dahm Asoke.

  50. Do yah know that all the 1213 chinese tv drama is all blue-ray, but i don’t know if khmer gonna dubbed in Blue-Ray,,, But the original chinese tv drama is all Blue-Ray

    • Yeah I don’t think we’ll be seeing that day soon, and not to mention that most of the dubbed videos I’ve seen all year are not even in HD.

  51. will all Chinese movies and tv drama are HD but when SPPCI dubbed it, they compress a lot off part in to one disc that make the movie non HD…. When Vietnamese, Laos, Thai dubbed they Chinese movie and TV Drama is all HD format…. Just Cambodian SPPCI stupid put a lot of part in to one disc that fuck up the movie quality…. Look at Khmer2doves whin they dubbed Karen TV Drama, the quality is very good, some of then even HD….

    • Also some of eps are missing, like Xuan Yuan. It’s one whole eps they didn’t dubbed. Not just Xuan Yuan but i notices some other movies dubbed by sppci missing part.

  52. Can anyone upload the new Phillipine version of Temptation of A Wife?? I really want to see this movie. plz upload it if you have it! thank you!

  53. Any1 have Fated to love you?

    I have ep 1 to 5 and 19 to 27. i wonder if some1 have the 5 to 18?

    i dont mind to upload the serie but its gonna be incomplete

  54. i would like to request Gun and Glory 1993 ATV, New legend of Chor Lau Heung 2001, and 36th chambers of Southern shaolin starring Wu Jing

  55. Does anyone have a korean drama called “suspicious family” aka “Shady family” If anyone does can you please upload it (:

  56. Hi, just wondering if anyone has the Chinese drama called “Symphony of Fate (Destiny’s Concerto) (Ming Yun Jiao Xiang Qu) OR Ru Yi, both dramas starring Yang Mi? It’s a 2011 drama. Could you put it up if you have it? Thanks…

  57. military seal I’ll have it but i don’t want to upload it cause i don’t like the story line of the movie it suck…… I think that the wast of a disc to put that movie on dvd…. Spp dubbed some corny ass movie…. lol

  58. yah Wuxia and some demon movie that came out on 2012 and 2013, and some kung-fu like The Kung Fu Master 2012…. They need to stop dubbed them corny war story

  59. demi gods and semi devils 2013, and The Swordsman 2113 AKA The Smiling Proud Wanderer…
    Journey To The West 2013 is very good 10 time better then the 2012….

    • looking forward for demi gods and semi devils 2013, and The Swordsman 2113 akaThe Smiling Proud Wanderer… but no JTTW πŸ™‚

  60. Can someone please please upload Khmer dubbed version of Fated to Love you. It’s a Taiwanese/Chinese drama. Thank you sooo much!!!

  61. Can someone Please upload a Thai series called “Rak Nee Hua jai Jong” the khmer title is sneah smoss oss pee doung chet , it stars ken& janie. Where they are stranded on an island.

  62. hi all, most of my vids arent working right now. i will be fixing them right now. will take me sum time. if u want, pm those that u r watching, otherwise i will just reupload n e random one. thanks for being patience….

  63. Hey Chenna, u r so sweet, thanks for let us know. LOL, I thought that’s my computer and the router box doing that to me so I restarted them like crazy.
    I had this problem since Friday while I was watching Kolab Por Sar, need to finish 27 and 28. I switched to watch Chheur Chhab yang Nar Kor Su Tram.
    Would be awsome if you could fix those two, million thanks to U…:)

  64. Thank Chenna for fixing the movie, do you have Thai movie “Thara Himalai” and the other 3 series? If you have, can you upload it? Thank you.

    Does anyone have Weir and Pinky’s lakorn Wong Wien Hua Jai ” Revolving Heart” I think. If so please upload. Many thanks in advance.

  66. Hi, does anyone have this Thai Lakorn called “Teasakor sneah yong knorng” starring Tono Pakin Kumwilaisuk & Aim Siriphitchaya Wisitwaithakakun. The Thai title is “Bu-Ngah Nah Fon”. Please upload if anyone has it. Looks like a great story. Also, does anyone have the Chinese drama called “Ming Yun Jiao Xiang Qu” starring Yang Mi & Feng Shao Feng? Thanks…

    • Hi Roth

      I have both of them… both of them from lily dear.
      Thanks to her for sharing these great series
      I will upload them for you… but probably not soon though, because I have to finish uploading my the other series first.

      If anyone have them and would like to upload, please do so.

  67. I know this is a stream site and there’s a lot of peepz in here that r good in tech/pc etc, maybe (if possible) Admin can add another “Techie” category to help members with pc advise. Any issue with pc, best video card, best motherboard, problem etc… πŸ™‚

    • hoping a lot of member to get involve while waiting for uploader to upload more movies. Eventho they have no movie to upload but can productive in helping πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for the suggestion Groupon! I can create a section for that since it will help Khmer Avenue a lot. Will this be a video advice, or more like a blog/writing format?

  68. Does anyone have an old but classic Lakorn, “Roy Marn” starring Saranyu Wongkrajarng and Pen? If so pleaseeeeee pleaseeee would you upload it. Thanks a million.

  69. Hi guys, I would like to request Kone Kromom Mean Veasna (Jao Sao Prissana) starring Anne Thongprasom and Nok Chatchai and Pteah Meas (Dome Thong) starring Saranyu and Nampueng Nattharika. Those are such classics from the good old days.

    I just want to take the time out and thank all of Khmeravenue’s uploaders for their hard work. I really appreciate everyone’s time and effort uploading all of these wonderful dramas and series for us. You guys are doing a great job. Thanks for bringing back good memories from our childhoods πŸ™‚

    • I so hope someone would upload Ptas Meas (Dome Thong). I know there is a remake this year but do want to watch the original! Please upload it if you have it. Joa Sao Prissana is also a favorite of mine, too! Love Anne!

  70. I would like to request thai lakorn Snaeha Nak Labey with Mos and Bee if you have it.

    Thank you so much for all that you guys do. πŸ™‚

  71. can someone upload wong sawan? starring aom pratamaporn and boy sapol. khmer title is vong savan. please and thank you

  72. Does anyone has the Thai lakorn, Dome Thong? If so, can you upload please?! Love both the main actor and actress. Thank you!!!

  73. does any1 have condor hero 2006, demi gods and semi devils 2003, and legend of dagger li 1999. if so, can u plz upload

  74. Hello,

    I want to watch this Thai Lakorn, Please upload it, it’s very good series.

    Teasakor Snaeh (In Thai: Tard Rak Torranong)

    Here are the links to the series title:

    If you have this, please upload… I am very sure many khmer people truly want to watch this… Super romantic and lovely couples.

    Thanks in advance,

      • Chenna, Pee Mak Phrakhanong isn’t a series. It’s a movie in Thailand that just opened in theaters this April. It’s still in theaters and is one of the highest grossing movies in Thailand. Very popular right now.

        Jessica, I don’t think you’ll be able to see this anytime soon because it’s still in theaters. Khmer dubbing companies rarely dub Thai movies so I doubt that Chenna will be able to upload it for you. But since it’s so popular, some company might decide to dub it for us Khmer viewers but not anytime soon. You’ll have to wait a couple months after Pee Mak gets released on DVDs. By then, the Khmer dubbing companies will probably get hold of a copy and dub it for us.

  75. chenna- can you upload a boran lakorn called GOMIN ive been trying to find this series but no luck πŸ™ it will be greatly appreciative πŸ˜€

  76. hi sophy, u can do so by clicling on my name. easier is just to nd add ur request there > n i do have that lakorn…just have to find it…just give me sum time while im trying to do other request b4..thanks

  77. I have the colourful life with frankie and annie.
    I will try to post it for you;-)

    i got this series from someone back then….the thank you the original poster though

    • Savanna dear do u have particular k drama one that u want or you have in mind? If I have I will be glad to post it for u;-)

  78. @ Theary Wow soo many i want to watch <3!!! umm do you have Ms panda and Mr hedgehog,Mary stayed out all night,and Flower boy Ramyum shop?
    any of those would be great!!! thanks soo much!

      • @ Theary …oh okay, some titles are confusing lolz! thank you for your help πŸ™‚ if you have any favorites that is not on here yet please upload!! I’m new to k-dramas and recently got hooked on them! <3

    • Oh yeah, I’d appreciate if someone upload “Thief of Honor” with Vivian too. Was too young to know what was going on when I was younger. Lol. I’d love to rewatch it to see what it was about. Thanks a bunch guys!

  79. hey rei
    do you have the drama starring Pinky and weir
    “Songkream besdoung” or thai title Wong Wien Hua Jai

  80. hi anna, i will add that prob next week. i have other request from last week that i havent upload yet. thanks for being patience

  81. Can someone please upload a taiwanese movie “Drunken to Love you” or “Love you”? plssssssssssssss. I would appreciated it so much!! thanks.

    • Yes, it is airing since August 14. I saw they have English subtitle in other website, but I’m not sure if someone dubbed it in Khmer yet. I hope you will upload it soon. Thank Chenna for reply me.

  82. I want to watch Chinese movie ” Swordsman I ” 1999 or called “Short Saber Story”.
    so if someone have, please upload! thank big big!

  83. Can anyone please upload these old Hong Kong series Khmer dub when you have the chance. I would really appreciate it very much.

    Police Cadet 84 and 88 starring Tony Leung – Been looking for the first one for ages but no one seems to have it. Seen the second one but never seen the first and last of the instalment.

    War and Destiny starring Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Cheung
    Sword of Conquest starring Eddie Kwan
    Legend of the Dragon Pearl starring Deric Wan
    Seven Sisters starring Gallen Lo, Anne Heung, Kwong Wah, Charmaine Sheh
    At the Threshold of an Era starring Gallen Lo, Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Sunny Chan
    Secret of the Heart starring Felix Wong, Gallen Lo, Sunny Chan, Nick Cheung
    Detective Investigation Files 3 – Michael Tao
    War and Remembrance starring Louis Koo, David Chiang

  84. Can anyone upload “rosy business 2” please? I really like the first movie and i want to watch season 2 so if u have it, can u please share it?Thanks you πŸ™‚

  85. does anybody have the Chinese series treasure venture? starring nicky wu and vicki zhao, if so please upload thanks a bunch! πŸ™‚

  86. Hi, Does anyone have the chinesedrama called Lan Ling Wang ε…°ι™΅ηŽ‹ . I really really want to watch it. it stars ariel lin, george hu, and feng shao. Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚

  87. Hi, Does anyone have duke of mount deer chinese drama khmer dub. i checked all da other website n it look like da took it all down

  88. Can anyone re-upload Mr Winner starring Dicky Cheung? All of the links I find no longer work. I would really appreciate being able to watch this series. Thanks

  89. Hi, does anyone have Taiwanese Dramas series call Bodyguards (1995) (total have 3 parts:Jade Dolls, Cryptic Crystal, and Heavenly Charm.)

    Starring : Kenny Ho,
    Cecilia Yip
    Anita Lee
    Howie Wong
    thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  90. Does anyone have “The unbroken cycle”? I think it’s from Singapore but dubbed in Khmer. The main actress is Fann Wong. Please let me know.

  91. Does anyone know where I can watch the chinese serie War of the genders (2000)? Please let me know. Thank you.

  92. Excuse me ! Could u (bro/sis) upload the movie name’s Kungfu soccer (sdach bal tort kungfu), Pillow case of mystery I and duke mount deer 2000? Thanks in advance…honestly, i want to watch them so much πŸ™‚

  93. I would like to request the movie “Woman on the run” this movie is very awesome for me…please upload it !!!
    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  94. i would like to request the taiwanese drama ζƒ³ζ‘δ½ ηš„ζ‰‹-02 your hand in mine 2009 and chinese drama loving tigress from the river east plz upload it thanks πŸ™‚

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