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Written by Ash, May 6, 2019


  • lexus615

    does anyone have reincarnation II (1993)?

  • lay

    hey everyone, I need your help, looking for The Revelation Of The Last Hero Khmer dubbed, to remaster so if anyone can post it up or point me to where one posted would appreciated it

    • Chand

      Hi Lay

      I HOPE this is not too late. I have The Revelation Of The Last Hero Khmer dubbed in dvds copy from vhs. I can give it to you. For the past 10 to 15 years. I had spent hundreds to thousands of dollars buying these vhs copies series with bad quality. I was shocked to see a much clearer better quality uploaded on this site. I don’t know know you can get a remastered version. I want a copy of all my favorites oldies.

  • ahbee

    i’ll keep a lookout for revalation and reincarnation ii if we still missing.

    • lay

      hey ahbee! how do it mark that it end?

      • ahbee

        i usually add end my own way since the admin hasnt add the feature in yet. what i do:

        1. on main album page, select edit album on the top.
        2. once on dashboard for the edit album page, click on video info (under broadcast day) to expand.
        3. where it says total episode, i just change the number for example from 20 to 20E.


  • lay

    hey Chand, i still need it, if you can post up, I can remaster it and share it here

  • kahwyn1


    Do anyone have the witness to a prosecution I and II? Please upload it.


  • Daramao562

    Does any have the movie called “The Last Swordsman (TV Series 1991)” khmer dubbed?

  • Daramao562

    Does anyone know if The Jade Bow Connection going to end? I last episode I saw was episode 19 and it’s not the end.

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