Yuthisil Proha Neakreach

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Posted by: ahbee

Series has 24E episodes
February 15, 2019

Last updated on May 9, 2019

Coming Soon: Your Highness

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episodes 7-12 sound fixed...


btw HonPlayer, I won't be able to add Crazy Monk 1... I'...


i'm gonna fix the voice for ep 7 to 12...


@Ahbee បងរឿងនេះល្អមើលតែ...


  • HoNPlayer

    @Ahbee បងរឿងនេះល្អមើលតែយ៉ាប់ត្រង់សម្លេងហ្នឹងម៉ង
    យ៉ាងណាមិញតើរឿងព្រះរស់ជីកុង(Legend of crazy monk)ពេលណាបានបង្ហោះបង?
    សង្ឃឹមថាអាចមើលរឿងហ្នឹងបាននៅថ្ងៃច័ន្ទចុះ 🙂

    • ahbee

      i’m gonna fix the voice for ep 7 to 12

    • ahbee

      btw HonPlayer, I won’t be able to add Crazy Monk 1… I’m missing the episodes 1 -25. 🙁

      Crazy Monk 1: Missing 25 Episodes
      Crazy Monk 2: Missing Some
      Crazy Monk 3: Missing All
      Crazy Monk 4: I have complete
      Crazy Monk 5: I have complete (I think)

      i won’t be adding until i collect all 🙁

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