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មើលអត់កើតទេភាគខ្លះ ...


Please fix...


i've only seen scarlet heart of out the list. think im g...


Her books get adapted and have been great success, most ...


hey you welcome. :D i didn't watch this series but what ...


  • chvkm8te

    This was a bit confusing at first but its getting good!! Thanks again B!

  • Xio

    Can I get Chinese title of this drama ?

  • fantasticpow

    seems to be a series 1 before this, do you have it?

  • Chai

    Hi Akbee and the team

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2019

    Are you able to help or point me into the right direction please?
    My KhmerTV HD addon for kodi is not working and i’m currently running on Version 1.0.6

    Please help.

    Thanks guys

  • groupon

    One of my fav actor 🙂 thx ahbee

  • groupon

    Most of new young male actor now look so gay. I can’t even tell if he’s a male or female. Like this fighter-of-destiny. Shit, that guy can be a female.

  • Bob

    Thank you for posting this. It’s an amazing drama. Would you be able to post it faster :))))))

    • ahbee

      hey you welcome. 😀 i usually post the day it gets released/posted but usually they are only airing 5 eps a week. i’ll try to post the commercial-free version, which is usually a few days behind lol

  • Phi Thida

    Waiting on episode 19+ when will it be available?

  • Phi Thida

    How many episodes avail in a week?

  • LokTaPix

    អរគុណលេាក ahbee ដែលបានដាក់រឿងនេះឲ្យមេីល។

  • Chai

    Hey Groupon & Ahbee

    Hope you are all well and happy Chinese New Year!

    @Groupon – currently Khmer Avenue via Kodi is not working, it there a new update?


    • Rei

      I’m sure it has to do with Khmer Avenue’s recent minor structural update earlier this month. All Khmer Stream’s videos are now bunched up under a new category, “album2.” Maybe groupon can look into it? =]

  • Rei

    Btw Groupon, KhmerAve has been acquired and will be going in a new direction. I’ll PM you some updates later. 😀

  • ahbee

    hey Chai, happy Chinese new year! i hope goupon can help u 😀

  • LE NG

    ភាគ29 មិចបានចេញជាភាគ01 ចឹងBro

  • Chai

    How are you Goupon & Ahbee

    Just wonder if you have any update from Rei in regard to Khmer Avenue on Kodi that is still not working.


  • chai

    thanks Ahbee

    how are you buddy?

  • Linda

    Thanks Ahbee. Will you be doing a non commercial version of this?

  • Chai

    Groupon & Rei & Ahbee how are you doing?

    @Rei – can you fix Khmer addon for Kodi please, nothing is working for me.

    Thank heaps and good night

    • groupon

      What movie is not working? If uploaders hosted in Vimeo, it will not work in any Kodi. The developer of Vimeo stop updating for a few years now. Vimeo switched from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0, thus breaking the addon. Right now we only have a partial solution meaning if uploaders set their video to private, kodi will not work unless kodi trick Vimeo that it’s loading from a desktop but will not work for all Khmer Addons. Hopefully, my buddy can fix it. If anyone knew Python, come and join since we don’t have a lot of Khmer contributing code for our Khmer community for free. So far only me and my other buddy (2 of us) doing this is. Hope we get more Khmer developer joining us.

      • ahbee

        goupon would it help if we add Kodi to our private Vimeo account? currently my account is set to only allow streaming on khmeravenue

    • groupon

      Vimeo fixed for Khmer Kodi for KhmerAve… latest version MegaKhmerDubbed-1.9.8


  • ahbee

    thanks goupon for quick fix 😀

  • Phi

    Hi I just recently finish this movie, this male main actor is great and he don’t look to feminine like new actors nowadays. Who is this actor ? Is there other movies he plays in that you can recommend?

  • Phi Thida

    Hi I just recently finish this movie, this male main actor is great and he don’t look to feminine like new actors nowadays. Who is this actor ? Is there other movies he plays in that you can recommend?

  • Linda

    this drama is so messed up, so many loose ends and so many things that dont make sense. The entire drama was filmed on green screen but the script is worse. Huang Xiao Ming really shouldn’t act anymore, he makes the drama a joke with his terrible acting. I like the writer thats why i thought this had a chance.
    Thanks again Ahbee for the commercial free version, you’ve managed to keep it good quality too 🙂

    • ahbee

      hey you welcome. 😀 i didn’t watch this series but what other shows did this writer make?

      • Linda

        Her books get adapted and have been great success, most have become classics like these 3.
        Scarlet Heart with Nicky Wu, Keven Cheng and Liu Shi Shi
        Ballad of the Desert with Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi
        The Most Beautiful Times with Wallace Chung and Janine Chang

        But this drama is a complete joke. The green screen is excessive and the main male lead makes the whole drama almost unbearable to watch. But…I managed to finish it. If not for you cutting out the commercials and keeping the quality really good, I think I would have stopped. I think you should give it a try just so you know what I”m talking about, its that bad. There’s so many lose ends you’re going to be scratching your head.

      • ahbee

        i’ve only seen scarlet heart of out the list. think im gonna miss out on this one, not really a fan of excessive cgi lol. thanks for the insight 😀

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