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Hi dear, what happen to the movie i can not watch 14 -an...


y 11-17 dont work pls tell me so i jus want 2 kno...


Hi KIMSAN, ep 12 file is damaged from the disc....


Do you have part 12? THANKS...


Someone will upload it soon. I will help upload it if th...


    • Hunnie

      Hi Sam Sela, there were more than one dubbing company at the time and this series didn’t get the best dubbing group. I didn’t notice much of it since I was just a little girl and not much bugs me. It’s hard to get the best of everything and hopefully someone will learn to love these oldies. Andy Lau didn’t starred in much TV series and this title is priced at $50 for the Chinese version now. Only one video store has this title in Khmer dubbed, maybe in the future this title will be priceless.

    • tony soeun

      well, this translating group isn’t that bad, although its not Mayura, but it’s still good. At least its way better than “Royal Blood stained” with Felix Wong. My mother told me that the group that translated “Royal blood stain” is Vietnamese/Khmer.

  • Happy

    Parts of part 1 is in vietnamese!

    • Hunnie

      I believe from 32:49 to 35:16 is in Viet. It’s actually permanent in that 3 mins or so. That one whole file was already switch to Khmer dubbing but that little part won’t change. Something was done permanently when it was copied from the original dvd. Sorry guys.

  • Yen

    Thanks for this series HUNNIE. The voice is not so bad compare to Sword stain, royal blood. I can tolerate this .CHINESE series in the 80s dubbed some are find. It’s really rare to find I’m glad you did. Nice work.

  • tommy

    Dude stop complaining man
    The uploaded is generous enough to take there precious
    Time to upload this movie.so if u don’t like the translation just skip it
    But u Don know what it missing lol. Thank you for the up

  • john

    i appreciate u taking the time to upload this series but i gotta say this is the worst andiy liau film ever lol and im a big fan of his. no disrespect to u hunnie. this is the first time i had ever watch this series, it was boring compared to all the other good oldies. could u please upload my favorite andy liau serie return of condor hero 1983

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