Legend of Guan Yin

Posted by: ahbee

Series has 13 episodes
June 4, 2018

Last updated on June 20, 2018


  • Fantasticpow

    Hi, where can I get the complete series for this?

  • KHIM Vichhai

    Many many thanks dear

  • Fantasticpow

    Do you know the Chinese title for this? I know the female star is Fan Bing Bing, but even her wiki doesn’t display her tv drama series as “The Legend of Quan Yin.”
    Do the Chinese version goes by a different title?

    • ahbee

      i don’t think the actress is fan bingbing, unless i’m wrong but i do see the resemblance. to me, i thought this actress was the same one in the bride with white hair (2012 vers with nicky wu). i only know one actor in this series and still couldn’t find any information. i made up the english title (and now every khmer video blogger is using it too lol) but i do know that it’s related to the goddess, and maybe the old princess reincarnated series. if you do find the title, lemme know too. 😀

  • Fantasticpow

    Okay I found the real title and actress.
    in Chinese the title is Xiang Shan Qi Yuan
    in English it is Fragrant Mountain

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