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Episode 18E ahbee Jun 26, 2018
Episode 17 ahbee Jun 25, 2018
Episode 16 ahbee Jun 22, 2018
Episode 15 ahbee Jun 21, 2018
Episode 14 ahbee Jun 20, 2018
Episode 13 ahbee Jun 19, 2018
Episode 12 ahbee Jun 18, 2018
Episode 11 ahbee Jun 15, 2018
Episode 10 ahbee Jun 14, 2018
Episode 09 ahbee Jun 13, 2018
Episode 08 ahbee Jun 13, 2018
Episode 07 ahbee Jun 11, 2018
Episode 06 ahbee Jun 8, 2018
Episode 05 ahbee Jun 7, 2018
Episode 04 ahbee Jun 6, 2018
Episode 03 ahbee Jun 5, 2018
Episode 02 ahbee Jun 4, 2018
Episode 01 ahbee Jun 1, 2018

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hey you welcome iya! :)...


thank you so much for uploading the drama!!! you are awe...


ep 1 - 9 are fixed, last half, 10-18 should be done with...


the whole drama is down....


very nice Admin for this movie !!...


  • ahbee

    Legend of Chusen II will be airing in less than 4 hours. most likely will add in the morning. šŸ˜€

    KH Time
    M-F: 12PM, 9PM (Replay)

    East Coast:
    M-F: 1AM

  • leakhena

    thanks been waiting šŸ˜€

  • HoNPlayer

    bro can”t watch it block country or copyright

    • ahbee

      thanks Hon, really appreciate the feedback. i added another facebook source. wish people would be more constructive like you when posting feedback. šŸ™

  • Savan

    bull shit if you don’t want people to see it why it is on air.

  • Sereyvy

    I’ve waiting for number 2 for a long time finally its out thanks for uploading the movie, keep it up bro

  • Sereyvy

    I hope at the end of this movie is gonna be good not like other movie at the end is so stupid main characters died.

  • Sereyvy

    Same if this movie still have another season I will watch it in english sub

  • Sereyvy

    80% of the chinese drama movies the end part alway make me angry because the main characters died or they didn’t get to live together.

  • Chhay

    Thank Ahbee…
    You’re the killer bees mate

  • Sinath

    I cannot watch. It was blocked in the country on the Copyright. What I need to do to watch.

  • Linda

    Thanks for uploading this Ahbee. None of the video links work for me though

  • Chai

    Hi Groupon

    Thanks for such a speedy response šŸ™‚
    Iā€™m currently using version 1.0.38. Are you able to push the latest version though Or advice me on the path please?


  • kevinkhmer

    Thanks so much for your hard working.
    Do you have this serie įž€įŸ†įž–įž¼įž›įž”įž»įžšįžŸįŸ‹įž–įž·įž—įž–įž‚įž»įž“.
    It’s link on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQOcQR4vA9Q but not good quality…

  • Kim

    Hey ahbee are u gonna upload Legend of Chusen2 tonight..?

  • Chai

    Howdy Ahbee & Groupon?
    You guys are a great asset for Khmer people.
    Keep it up the good work and happy Friday šŸ™‚

  • Chai

    appreciate with Khmer addon for Kodi. it’s working perfect šŸ™‚


    Hello bong? Bong mean Princess Weiyoung speak khmer ot?
    Ke dak nov TV ouy merl but I cant catch up because of work times. I really want to watch it T T

  • doc


    why i can download eps 1?


  • Griess

    I was so bored lol

  • ahbee

    ep 1 – 9 are fixed, last half, 10-18 should be done within an hour from this post.

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